Getting Started

All you need to know to setup your best online asset.

Simply register with just 3 fields. No risk and no payments required.
After registration, you will have your website account page.
Click the menu icon at the upper right and select Categories.
Create a category for your items. Click Add Category.
Add a name for your category and short description. Click Add Category.
You can add more category but let's add an item first for this Category.
To add an item, click the menu icon and select Items and click Add Item.
You can select not to display price for pages that is not for selling.
Once you click Add Item, you can now add pictures for the item.
Click Pictures and click Choose Files and select Photo Library
Select all the pictures for this item but you can add more anytime.
When done selecting pictures. Click Upload Pictures to complete.
Once added, you can choose your item main picture or delete some.
You can also add a description about the picture. Just input and click Update.
You can update any of your item anytime at your Items page.
Now there's something for your visitors to see in your website.
You can add more Items for your Category. Or add more Category.
The pictures and details of your item will be displayed after they select an item.
To make your website more elegant, click the menu icon and click Banners.
You can add a button link that goes to your category, item or where you want.
Click Choose File and select an image and click Add Banner.
You can make changes for your banner or add more in your Banners page.
Now you have a landing page your viewers will surley love.
Now let's shorten your Website Link so visitors can remember it easily.
Go to Settings page by clicking the Menu Icon and selecting Settings.
Make sure to Click Update Settings. Your new link is in your account page.
Click and hold on your link to copy and paste in your social media accounts.